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WP Organ Pedal Holster

William Perry Jr. Ceo /Inventor

The inventor of the WP Organ Pedal Holster, William Perry Jr., is a musician who saw a need. In his role as organist leading the music for worship services at several churches, he wanted the flexibility to have access to the full range of his digital keyboard, sitting in its traditional spot atop a Hammond organ. That meant finding a way to mount the keyboard's sustain pedal alongside the organ's bass pedals. Perry put on his inventor hat and the result… the WP Organ Pedal Holster! A revolutionary accessory that will change the game for organ players everywhere — whether you play Gospel, R&B, Jazz, Pop, Rock or Blues.


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WP Organ Pedal Holster: Creating Better Tunes with Full Control of The Keyboard 

When Rubenstein said the “pedal is the art of the piano” it makes no sense to a non-player. But with a growing interest in beautiful sounds, it all became glaring and clearer. It’s unimaginable how the piano will sound in the absence of the enriching powers and properties of the pedals. At first glance, the pedals are more like a lever for the piano mechanism, but at a closer look, the connecting properties of the pedals are obvious. Experienced pianists use the pedals without any adherence to any theoretical position. However, with the use of Organ and keyboards, there are more than a single pedal and this leads to a bigger problem. 

Modern Grand Pianos have two pedals, the sustain pedal to the right and the soft pedal to the left, many inches apart. There’s also a sostenuto pedal that is rarely depressed in playing music. This is where the problem comes in the distanced position of the two pedals. Let’s understand the functions of the pedals and you’ll see reasons why using them without a WP Organ Pedal Holster constitute a problem; 

• Sustain Pedal 

This keeps the sound going seconds after the keys are already released. It also gives more intensity to the sounds, creating a warmer, deeper and alive sounds. 

• Soft Pedal 

As the name suggests, it makes the sound softer and gives it a different timber. 

Organists and Keyboardists have been in a dilemma over the years on how to be in control of both piano and digital sounds. Musicians have always been in search of the perfect solution to be able to create the right combo of sounds on the grand piano. Organists are at the hard end most times as they are limited to playing only auxiliary sounds like horns, synth, string and a few more. Pedaling of the piano is quite an important aspect, it helps in balancing the clarity of the piano with a lushness. 

What now happens when you are playing at a concert with a full organ and keyboard but unable to control the clarity of your grand piano? It doesn’t matter how good you are with the Grand Piano, the inability to mix sounds with good control affect the final output. Don’t expect a standing ovation when you finally stop playing especially if there are a good number of music 


lovers in your audience. They will easily spot the lack of control with the way you play the Grand Piano. There’s nothing as soothing to the ears than a combo of auxiliary sounds and digital sounds from the keyboard. 

The Beauty of WP Organ Pedal Holster 

How can you now play the best of sounds without the a sustain pedal ? Quite a difficult endeavor. 

This is quite the solution organist and keyboard players have been in search of for over a decade. A mechanism that allows them to produce both organ and the regular piano sounds using a sustain pedal without having to change position intermittently when the need arises. 




The Origin of WPOPH.


More Than 30 Years In The Making

The Idea of inventor and CEO William Perry Jr. was to create a professional  alternative way for himself to be able to play more then just auxiliary keys on his keyboard while performing on the organ. Then he realized that if he could fill this void for himself it would solve the problem for musicians around the world.


A Simple Solution for a Big Problem

The WP Organ Pedal Holster makes it easy to stay on the organ and go right to piano with the ease not having to get up and change positions.

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